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Build richer opt-in forms with our subscription widget

All you need to create opt-in form with Mailjet Subscription Widget. Design and customize the form, email and page in the Widget Builder.

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We have a new Form Builder! This post is from 2015 and a lot has happened since. The subscription widget in this post has been replaced by a brand new Form Builder that allows you to create and embed even better forms to grow your email list. Check out our new Form Builder here!

Growing an email list organically is probably one of the biggest challenges email marketers face. Several things have to fall in line before a consumer is willing to share their email address. There has to be trust, a good incentive and it has to be easy to opt-in - each additional click means a drop off in sign ups.

As far as trust and good incentives go, consumers are looking for content that is specifically valuable and relevant to them. Personalized content drives a 20% increase in sales.

To help users face these challenges, we’re releasing today a brand new version of our subscription widget. We’ve re-designed from the ground up the way you build subscription forms. With the new widget, you will have the flexibility to design and collect a variety of contact information such as first and last names and location to supplement segmentation and personalization in your campaigns. Sky’s the limit!

Why should you use subscription forms with Mailjet's subscription widget?

Growing the right audience

Our new subscription widget allows you to easily create opt-in forms, integrate them into your site(s) and automatically see your opt-ins added to your contact lists within your Mailjet account. All with little or no design and coding experience.

The subscription widget is a no-brainer when it comes to maximizing your website for lead generation. Visitors are already interested or engaging with your brand, and email is a great next touchpoint for sharing non-promotional, value-adding content. It’s a free resource and a low commitment way for your prospective clients to get to know your brand.

Enrich customer data

A whopping 78% of consumers prefer to do business with brands that use personal information to make the shopping experience more relevant. Brands say that they wish for more customer information - many sharing that they have trouble collecting data. Customer data often gets lost across fragmented software solutions or lack of internal communication between teams.

The subscription widget allows Mailjet users to collect a variety of customer information up front (first name, last name, birthday, mailing address etc.). You can even mark certain fields as mandatory - to strike the right balance between requesting information and making it easy for your users to sign up. All of the data is then automatically sorted and synced with your Mailjet contact list. Collecting this data at the beginning of your touch point with customers allows you to build deeper demographic testing over time.

Integrate on all your sites

Create as many subscription widgets as needed and test their performance across your sites. The subscription widget’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor allows customize your forms with a few clicks of the mouse. Edit the layout, text, image, and color scheme order to fit your brand’s visual aesthetic.

When you’ve landed on a design you’d like to use, the tool will generate an HTML code to be copy and pasted into your website’s source code.

For those looking to go beyond the surface, our advanced-edition mode allows power users to edit with HTML and CSS to create a subscription form that is seamlessly integrated with their site.

Native double opt-in

All contacts who sign up through the subscription widget are automatically run through a native double opt-in. This industry best practice is when a new subscriber is sent a confirmation email before being added to the list, to verify that their interest and their email address is correct. Confirmation email and landing page are also customizable to your brand image.

This new subscription widget is available as of today for all our users. We’re looking forward to see all of the exciting and creative ways you’ll use this to build your lists.

We have a new Form Builder! This post is from 2015 and a lot has happened since. The subscription widget in this post has been replaced by a brand new Form Builder that allows you to create and embed even better forms to grow your email list. Check out our new Form Builder here!

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