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The email solution for real estate

Create beautiful emails and engage your clients with email marketing to drive sales and nurture relationships. Looking for a solution for multiple branches and chapters? Our sub-accounts allow you to offer an email solution to agents around the world. Self-service plans are not available for real estate companies, so please contact sales for custom plans.

Easily create beautiful emails

Our intuitive drag-and-drop email builder helps you design emails that display perfectly in all of your clients' inboxes and on any device. You can show off the perfect home by simply adding text, images, buttons, and even custom code blocks.

Mailjet's email editor improves your campaigns over time.
Multiple email templates that allow for smarter segmentation over time.

Organize your lists and segment your contacts

Capture your contacts with our customizable subscription widget, and create targeted segments to send relevant emails specified for your customers’ individual identities, housing preferences, location, and engagement history.

Get actionable insights to land the sale

Monitor your email performance and identify actionable insights to continuously improve your strategy. Track opens, clicks, and bounces for individual users and campaigns. Our A/B Testing will let you optimize opens and clicks and drive more engagement.

Mailjet's advanced email statistics for an email campaign.

Deliverability expertise to land in the inbox

Improving deliverability is a crucial factor in successful email campaigns. Our Deliverability Experts, leading deliverability technology, and our reputation with inbox providers around the world are all at your disposal to help you reach the inbox.

Where you land in the inbox.
Illustration of a publication request

Manage all branches in one place

With Mailjet’s sub-accounts, you can now easily manage all your branches and franchises in one account. Feel secure knowing your emails are always brand-aligned by locking the style and/or content of specific sections.

With custom plans, take advantage of your dedicated Customer Success Manager, customized onboarding, deliverability monitoring, and detailed reporting.

Mailjet offers tailored solutions for real estate agents and agencies.
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