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An automated email marketing campaign.

Perfect timing

Automate your emails to engage with your customers at the right moment

Use Mailjet’s Email Automation workflows to streamline your communications. Send customers triggered emails that arrive in their inbox as they hit important milestones in their customer journey. 

Over 40,000 companies are building great apps and email programs with Mailjet.

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Workflow creation for new customers is a powerful toolkit.

Communicate with ease

Built-in automation journeys

Interact with your customers automatically at the most common touchpoints with your brand. Create a marketing automation workflow quickly and easily by choosing one of Mailjet’s built-in automation scenarios. Select an onboarding scenario to welcome new customers or choose another email flow based on customer interactions. Create your own custom workflows to communicate with your subscribers whenever you see fit.

A powerful toolkit

Personalized and timely communications

Combine Email Automation with other marketing features on Mailjet to send customized messages at exactly the right time. Use Segmentation to group subscribers based on interests, attributes, or behaviors, and then create an automation workflow to engage at relevant touchpoints. Personalize each message with your customer’s name or a special subject line using dynamic values. Increase open rates and brand interactions, and in turn, your bottom line. 

Email segmentation that allows for personalized and timely communications.
Mailjet's integration of applications allows for effortless connection.

Effortless connection

Robust integrations

Easily pull data from other tools in your tech stack to create more comprehensive and elaborate automation workflows. Mailjet seamlessly connects with 70+ third-party integrations so you can fully customize your email strategy. Choose from a curated and extensive list, from CRM and CMS to marketing and ecommerce platforms, and discover what works best for your business. 

Informed insights

Real-time data on your automated emails

Track how your automated emails are performing in each scenario and segment in real time. Delve into Mailjet's Statistics Dashboard to view delivery status, unsubscribe information, and open and click rates. Understand how your customers are responding to your messages. Use the data to optimize your emails and make decisions about your Email Automation strategy going forward.

Mailjet's deliverability analytics allows for informed insights.

Create beautiful, responsive emails in minutes.

Email made easy.
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