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Permission-based marketing: Are your messages anticipated, personal, and relevant?

It’s been 25 years since pioneering digital marketers defined email marketing as we know it. Permission-based marketing practices set the standard for how brands communicate with customers and prospects. Of course, it’s easy to say your email strategy follows the...

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How to write AI prompts for your email marketing campaigns

At this point you’re probably familiar with AI-powered copy generators such as OpenAI ChatGPT, Gemini, and Sinch Mailjet’s AI Tool. You might have even had the chance to experiment with them yourself, perhaps creating different subject line ideas or CTAs...

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100+ Mother’s Day email subject lines and ideas for your next campaign

Held on the second Sunday of every year (this year falling on May 12, 2024) Mother’s Day sees fathers, sons, daughters (and mothers) from around the world come together to show appreciation for that very special lady in our lives. And rightfully so! It’s also one of the...

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How to create a landing page (in 45 mins or less)

Creating an effective landing page is a fundamental skill for any email marketer looking to drive conversions and maximize the impact of their campaigns. In today's digital landscape, where attention spans are short and competition is fierce, a well-designed...

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14 types of landing pages: Matching method to marketing goals

Landing pages are the unsung heroes of email marketing. They're the gateways to your offers, the first impression you make on your audience, and the key to converting visitors into leads or customers. But not all landing pages are created equal. In fact, there's a...

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How to integrate landing pages with your email marketing campaigns (and why)

Crafting compelling email content is crucial for all senders. But what happens after a subscriber clicks that enticing call to action (CTA) you’ve rounded out the copy with? Where are you sending them to? And why? A well-thought out and connected lead...

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Lead capture landing pages: What are they and how to create them

If you've ever found yourself browsing the web and stumbled upon a page offering a free ebook, webinar, or product demo in exchange for your email address, then you've encountered a lead capture landing page in action. But what exactly are they, why are...

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Marketing calendar 2024: Dates you shouldn’t miss this year

We finally got through 2023 (phew!) and Q1 is just around the corner. It’s time for you to start scribbling down your New Year’s Resolutions to make sure we start the year with a bang. If you’ve found your way here, we’re guessing that’s because creating a winning...

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Email and SMS: Navigating customer communications in an omnichannel universe

With an estimated 4.6 billion smartphone users worldwide and a marketing campaign open rate of 97%, it’s easy to see why SMS is proving a popular addition to email. Combining the power, reach, and engagement of both channels...

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How to promote Black Friday: What holiday shoppers really want

‘Tis the season for holiday promotions. Inboxes, mailboxes, social media feeds, and TV screens are filling up with marketing messages as brands look to capitalize on the busiest time of the year for many retailers. So, are you giving those shoppers what they want and...

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Relationship marketing: The path to stable revenue growth

You’ve probably heard the saying: “It’s easier to keep a customer than to get a new one.” And while it may sound obvious, many companies still aren’t using relationship marketing strategies to build customer loyalty. But they should be. Relationship marketing is a...

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How omnichannel marketing can enhance your digital strategy

Let's do a quick activity. Try to remember all the times you've used the internet today. Every Google search, every email you've sent and received, every time you pulled up Instagram or scrolled your Facebook or Twitter feed. We’re guessing it's a lot. And most...

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The AI data privacy conundrum: Is ChatGPT safe?

It’s big. It’s new. And it’s scary. No, not the latest TV series reboot. We’re talking about artificial intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT privacy, and how these new tools are upending industries and making people, businesses, and governments wonder about the safety...

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What is value washing, and why should you avoid it?

Maybe you’ve noticed this growing trend in marketing – a giant gas-guzzling car manufacturer that claims to be environmentally conscious or a major cigarette brand that educates on health and well-being topics. When a brand’s words are louder than its...

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Top lifecycle marketing strategies to optimize your customer journey

Crafting an effective customer journey is no easy feat. It’s a highly data driven craft with many moving parts that needs to be carefully mapped out and executed. So, what are the most effective strategies for successfully walking customers down their different paths...

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To zero-party data and beyond: The four types of marketing data

The pursuit of customer data goes back to the dawn of the 20th century when direct response marketers began placing ads in magazines and sending mail through the Post Office. Each campaign produced customer data, which could be used to finely tune...

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5 books every email marketing professional should read

It’s a must to stay on top of industry trends, especially when technology develops on a daily basis. But how do you do that? You can either check web portals or read books to strengthen your knowledge base. And, if you’re looking for a good book to help you kick...

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Hermes and a Goddess chill on some stats in front of stationery

Small business marketing: Can email help you survive a recession?

During a recession, the little guys often get hit the hardest. As the economy takes a turn for the worse, it impacts different regions, industries, and people in different ways. Small businesses, for example, may struggle to survive a recession more than large...

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Hermes shows some statistics to a Goddess

Marketing in a recession: Insights from “Email in an evolving economy”

If uncertainty makes you feel uncomfortable, we’re willing to bet you might be a little worried about what’s going to happen to the global economy in 2023. We get it... Whether you’re concerned about working with a tighter budget, keeping a small business afloat, or...

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Hermes and two goddesses hang up some spheres in front of a painter

Big Data: What is it and how does it work?

More and more data is being created every day. We are storing more information for each person, and we are...

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Gods on a soccer field.

7 digital marketing tips for the World Cup

No matter how you feel about sports, no one can deny the pull they have to drive engagement and bring the best (and the worst) out of people. The World Cup 2022 is under a month away, which means in just a few weeks an estimated viewership of 5 billion...

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Fall marketing campaign ideas to welcome the new season

Autumn is the perfect time of the year to fall back into the habit of email marketing after those long, hot, dog days of summer. However, fall isn't just an opportunity to ramp up your marketing activities in time for the peak holiday season. Fall is itself jam-packed with so...

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Boost your conversion rate with these 7 strategies

Conversion is the ultimate goal for many areas of life – makeovers, home improvement, science fiction B-movies with creepy body snatchers. One of the places where conversion matters most is the all-important area of email marketing. But how do you optimize these...

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A picture of Athena on a mobile screen.

What is RCS messaging and should it be in your marketing mix?

Eye-catching email campaigns may have a bit of an edge over SMS marketing when it comes to design and overall experience. Basic texting, however, isn’t the only way to reach customers and prospects in their mobile messaging inboxes. RCS messaging presents...

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