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The path to email engagement in 2021

Uncovering how users interact with email to help brands build meaningful connections


In this report, you will find:

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    The top email clients and apps for personal inboxes in 2021.

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    When and how often people check their personal emails.

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    Habits around scanning the inbox and how users react to unsolicited messages.

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    What drives people to subscribe, unsubscribe, and open email communications from brands.

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    The efficacy of common B2C emails and different types of email content.

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    When SMS is preferred over email for brand notifications.

Download the report:

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Discover what email engagement looks like in 2021

People want to hear from brands. But in a world in which personal inboxes are cluttered and senders are constantly vying for attention, understanding how users interact with their inboxes and what they expect from brand communications is key to building an effective email strategy.

Over the past year, email has played a key role in helping brands stay in touch with customers through a period of unprecedented challenges and uncertainty. The number of emails in contacts’ inboxes has increased, and maintaining good email engagement levels requires careful monitoring and dedication.

This research uncovers how users interact with their personal inboxes and reveals trends, engagement habits, and preferences that will help senders increase their engagement and effectively utilize the power of email communications.

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