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Mailjet and BigTranslation partner to speed up translation projects

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Mailjet and BigTranslation partner to speed up translation projects

Email plays an important role at BigTranslation as it is not only a tool for marketing, but also a key component of their product offering. Without a fast, reliable, and intuitive email solution, BigTranslation’s entire business would suffer.   Prior to BigTranslation partnering with Mailjet, they were using a highly manual process in their service with account managers spending their time manually sending up to 100 emails each day. As a result of this, their projects were moving much slower than they needed, and it all came at a significant human resource and financial cost.   It became clear that this was not the ideal (or very modern) solution for BigTranslation’s business needs. They needed an automated system to help them deal with large enterprise accounts that move quickly and expect instant feedback.   When looking for an email solution, their objectives were simple: (1) increase the number of clients by investing in monthly marketing campaigns, and (2) ensure that the service ordering process and management of each project was as simple and fast as possible.   This Success Story explains how Mailjet helped get them up and running!

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“Mailjet has a user friendly platform and we can rest assured that the email system will deliver on time, every time. We are able to focus our efforts on our business and let the management of automated emails be taken care of by Mailjet. In addition, we know that the tool is up to date and takes into consideration the practical aspects of email automation and marketing, for example, Mailjet is the only platform that is certified as compliant with the new GDPR regulations, something that is very important for any business.”

Case Study Quote Author

Eve Pattison

Business Developer - BigTranslation

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