Lost in all the marketing jargon? Find definitions for common email and digital marketing terms and learn more with our related resources.

IP warming

IP warming is the practice of sending emails from a new IP address to gain the trust of mailbox providers and avoid an inbox service provider (ISP) blocklist. An IP warming campaign starts at an easy pace and increases at certain intervals, demonstrating a sender’s validity and good reputation among ISPs.

Image blocking

Image blocking is when email clients or recipients disable an image’s ability to load in an email. Email clients often do this for security reasons, while subscribers use it to conserve bandwidth.

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing uses audience-specific content like social media posts, blog articles, and website pages to persuade potential customers to take action. Since these content materials are designed with the target audience in mind, companies place more emphasis on what the subscribers want than promoting their brand.


The inbox is where users view, open, and store emails they’ve received. Email clients like Gmail and Outlook offer helpful features like the ability to mute conversations, archive important messages, and snooze emails until later times. Users leverage these features to clean their inboxes and sort messages.

Integrated marketing

Integrated marketing seeks to merge a company’s promotions and ads across multiple channels so customers can easily identify a brand through consistent messaging.

Integrated marketing plan

An integrated marketing plan conveys brand identity to consumers through email, social media, packaging (logo or colors), and print media, enabling them to recognize a brand. It involves defining the company goals, setting key performance indicators (KPIs), citing buyer persona, and selecting marketing channels.