Mailjet and Viewed

Increase your Click-Through-Rates up to 173% and Conversion Rates up to 50% per campaign by using Viewed with Mailjet to combine engaging interactive emails with world class deliverability.

  • Overview

    Viewed is a platform that solves the problem of embedding video with autoplay in email marketing campaigns, easy to use, mobile-friendly and 100% compatible with Mailjet.

    Generate HTML of an embedded video on Viewed and copy/paste into your Mailjet HTML template to create engaging emails with autoplay videos.

    • Boost Engagement - Boost your subscribers’ engagement with eye-catching videos that play automatically from within the email.

    • Responsive Video Emails - Ensure your video reaches your subscribers, no matter what email client or device they use. Viewed generates over 20 versions of your video to automatically send optimal formats for each inbox and device.

    • Expand Your Reach - Make your videos go viral and expand your reach by enabling your subscribers to share them with their networks in just a click with Social Media CTAs.

    • All The Power Of Mailjet - Leverage all the power of Mailjet to send, track and optimize performance of your Viewed Video Marketing Emails.

  • Features

    • Boost your engagement with eye-catching videos

    • Ensure your video reaches your subscribers

    • Expand your reach

    • Enable subscribers to share videos easily

  • Installations

    There is no need for additional installation. Just follow the steps here.

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Need help getting started? Check out the User Guide.

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