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Mailjet and Hi-iQ

Save money, improve user experience.

  • Overview

    Hi-iQ is an intelligent algorithm that helps save you money by reducing “unwanted emails” that not only cost money, but are annoying to your customers at the same time. Simply plug it in, use it as an added filter for all your email campaigns, and watch your open/click rates skyrocket while you save money.

    Hi-iQ monitors and measures the engagement behavior for every subscriber in your database, and treats everyone individually. New users, plus those who regularly click will receive all your normal emails. As Hi-iQ begins to detect “fatigue” it will begin “skipping” mailings to users until and unless they re-engage. Users who are chronically disengaged will be slated for automated re-engagement and only mailed once every 30-90 days.

    All you have to do is plug it in, and use it as part of your targeting for every mailing, and the magic happens automatically! The best part is that you never pay for Hi-iQ until you see the cost savings first.

  • Features

    Some of the main features of Hi-iQ include:

    • 30-70% reduction in send volume (and cost) with minimal loss in opens and clicks

    • Automated frequency management for every individual subscriber

    • Automated re-engagement as part of your normal email sending 

    • Reducing spam reports and complaints

    • Dramatic increase in open and click rates

    • Improved IP Reputation = better deliverability

  • Installations

    Installation: The installation process was never simpler than now – you just need to contact us at and our engineers can set everything up within minutes.

    The greatest thing about Hi-iQ is how easy it is to use:

    • Simply select Hi-iQ segment in your targeting setup and your email is ready to go!

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