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Videostream saw a 10x increase in their email ROI by focusing on quality over quantity

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Videostream saw a 10x increase in their email ROI by focusing on quality over quantity

Working with Mailjet's Technical Account Managers team, Videostream saw open rates go from under 2% to north of 18%! In fact, beyond just open rates, total opens actually increased by 415% from an average of 15,000 to over 75,000 per campaign. As a result of more advanced targeting and segmentation, their reputation improved drastically, and more of their emails made it to the inbox vs the spam folder. Coupled with a more regular cadence, sending a newsletter once a week, their customers knew to be on the lookout for the new message and engaged much more frequently as a result.   This all boils down to a massive increase in ROI as well. Before shifting to a custom plan, Videostream was spending on average $20.14 per 1000 opens since they were sending to a large audience and not getting rewarded. After cleaning their lists and setting a regular cadence, they now have a CPM of just $2.02.

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“Email was quickly becoming an important channel for us to communicate with our users however we really didn’t understand the nuances of how to manage our lists and our campaigns to effectively increase open rates, click-through rates, and deliverability. It was incredibly helpful to have the one-to-one consulting with Mailjet’s Technical Account Managers team to not only clean our lists of inactive users, but in doing so actually increase the total number of opens and clicks we were receiving by 10 fold.”

Case Study Quote Author

Matthew Gardner

Co-Founder & Head of UX - Videostream

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