Mailjet and Drupal

Use the Mailjet module to send, create and track newsletters and transactional emails from your Drupal back-office.

  • Overview

    The Mailjet Drupal module provides complete control of your Drupal Email. It replaces your default Drupal transactional SMTP service and is a full-stack email marketing solution for your site. The Mailjet Drupal module allows you to create, send, track and deliver newsletters and transactional emails directly from your Drupal Admin Panel.

    In the case of Drupal Commerce, you will also have the ability to send triggered marketing emails (abandoned cart, purchase anniversary, etc.) and track revenue and sales generated by each newsletter.

    Take advantage of our latest features to manage and segment contacts based on any metadata set, personalize your messages, compare your different campaigns, and view sending statistics directly from within your Drupal admin.

    What will you get?

    • Improved deliverability Take your marketing and transactional emails to the next level through our enhanced deliverability and natively embedded sending infrastructure.

    • Advanced segmentation Trigger email events based on customer behaviour (visited pages, abandoned carts, survey requests, etc.) and segments to increase open rates and content engagement.

    • ROI Stats See how many sales your newsletters generate in real time. Track opens, clicks, bounces, etc. as well as create graphs, export data and much more.

    • Multiple API options Each account includes full API access so you can easily develop your own scripts and applications on top of our system using almost any programming language.

  • Features

    This module allows you to get the benefit of Mailjet’s email design, deliverability and tracking all from your Drupal Admin Panel. This will help you optimize your outbound marketing and transactional email campaigns.

    Mailjet has extensive reporting tools and advanced statistics to help you monitor and optimize your emails, including a special statistic for Drupal Commerce users called ROI Stats. This feature allows you to quickly see how your marketing campaign generates new sales and revenue for your Drupal store. This module also allows you to:

    • Create and manage all of your marketing and transactional email campaigns directly from your Drupal Admin Panel.

    • Create and customize subscription forms to enable your visitors to subscribe to your newsletters.

    • Automatically synchronize your Drupal contacts into separate Mailjet email lists and never think about contact management again.

    • Use our drag-and-drop email editor or HTML builder to create beautiful and engaging emails – directly from your Drupal Admin.

    • Hit your subscribers’ inboxes every time with our global deliverability and routing infrastructure

    • Access real-time statistics on your campaigns showing opens, clicks, locations, average time to click and more to optimize your email performance.

    • Subscribe all existing Drupal users to a Mailjet contact list.

    • Manage your contact lists without worrying about global data privacy regulations. Mailjet is GDPR compliant, meaning that it guarantees an optimal level of email data privacy.

  • Installations

    The Mailjet module is available for both Drupal v7.x and Drupal v8.x.

    The functionalities differ slightly, so if you are using:

Previous Integration

Mailjet and Dropbox

Next Integration

Mailjet and Eventbrite

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Mailjet account

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Need help getting started? Check out the complete Plug-In User Guides for Mailjet x Drupal 7 & Mailjet x Drupal 8.

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