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MileIQ found in Mailjet a partner that would scale with them

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MileIQ found in Mailjet a partner that would scale with them

MileIQ is an app by Microsoft that makes mileage logging automatic and as stress-free as possible for people who drive for work. Email is a key component of their engagement strategy as the majority of their alerts and reports are transactional emails, sent based on user interactations with their app. With user engagement on the line, MileIQ needed a partner that was going to help them hit the inbox. That’s where Mailjet comes in. With Mailjet, MileIQ found a partner that could offer reliable and dedicated account management as they built the system that could design and send the transactional emails. They also realized that as their business grows, they needed a provider that would scale with them over time. At Mailjet, MileIQ sends about 10 million emails a month, and as their business continues to grow, so too does their email needs. At any time, members of our Technical Account Manager team are monitoring MileIQ’s account. If a deliverability issue arises, they can tag a member of our deliverability team to get their sending back on track, and make sure they hit the inbox. We recognize how important email is to MileIQ’s strategy, and we’re there for them every step of the way.

Mileiq by Microsoft sends transactional emails with Mailjet

MileIQ (a Microsoft product) is the leading mileage tracking app for Android and iPhone, helping businesses easily monitor and submit mileage-based expense reports.

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“At MileIQ, email is an important part of our engagement strategy. On a monthly basis, we are sending about 10M emails, powered by Mailjet. The majority of emails are transactional and lifecycle as the user engages with the service. We were looking for a partner that could offer really solid customer support and service as we figured out how to design this service, and we needed an ESP that would scale with us over time. For me, the key reason to work with Mailjet is we know we have a partner that wants to scale with us as we grow our business and I think that's really important.”

Ian Andersen

Marketing Director - Mobile Data Labs, Inc. (a Microsoft Company)

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