Webhook notifications in real-time

With Mailjet’s webhook notifications, track email events in real time. We will PUSH the open, click, bounce and all other email events directly to your system.

Hook your system to Mailjet or Mailgun

To set up Mailjet webhooks, define the endpoints URL where we should deliver the event details. Endpoints can be configured via a single API call for each event type. You can also activate and update your endpoints just in a few clicks through our user-friendly interface. Mailjet offers the possibility to push your events directly into external queuing systems for more flexibility. Contact our Support team if you want to see what webhooks can do for you. With Mailgun’s webhooks, you can use them to collect data on the performance of your email program, send that data and your analytics to another platform for ease of use, or be notified of events in your Slack account or other tools. Whatever your needs, it’s easy to accomplish with either platform.

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Receive events in real-time

Webhooks are messages that are sent to external systems when a triggered event occurs. Set up a webhook notification on Mailjet to alert you to email events like bounces or blocks as soon as they occur. Looking to send those events to an outside system? Mailgun webhooks make it easy to set up webhooks that point to different applications.

Point Your Emails to Other Systems

Transferring data between different systems can be time-consuming and frustrating without an automated system to handle the heavy lifting for you. Whether you’re looking to send event details to an external system via Mailjet or Mailgun API , webhooks can be a great solution for your needs.

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Set up Mailjet's webhook notifications in minutes.

Recieve real-time email alerts to your internal systems.
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