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Advanced consulting services to power your Email strategy

Whether your goal is to drive engagement, revenue, or reach a higher deliverability rate, our expert team is here to help you succeed. Thanks to tailored onboarding, training and advisory services, your teams will get the most out of Mailjet and benefit from actionable strategies to build an efficient email program.

Dedicated Technical Account Manager

Managing email requires both business and technical knowledge, and very few companies can hire full time staff to manage their campaigns. With our dedicated account management services, your team will have an email partner to count on. Our experts will help you understand and resolve any issue you may have and will work with you on concrete solutions to improve your email performance.

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Tailored onboarding

Our custom-made onboarding services ensure long-term success with measurable results for your business. Our expert team will work with you to configure your Mailjet account and design a smooth warm-up plan to lay the foundation for a great sending reputation. We will also train your team to manage high sending volume that will pass ISP’s anti-spam filters and ensure a high inbox placement rate. In addition to starting off on the right foot, this special onboarding program will lay a solid foundation to build a successful email program.

Advanced Training

Level-up email marketing knowledge within your team and get more out of Mailjet. Our team of experts will deliver advanced training sessions based on deliverability, product and use-cases.

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Deliverability Expertise

Landing in your recipients’ inboxes is not an easy task. It requires technical know-how to choose the right email delivery infrastructure that is optimized for different ISPs and specific technical configuration for your sending needs, as well as a disciplined approach to the creation of each email template. Our experienced Deliverability Consultants will help you diagnose any issues with your email practices and provide you with a clear roadmap to improve and sustain a healthy sender reputation.

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API Consulting

Let us help you send emails the way you want! Our API can integrate seamlessly with your systems to power your email needs. Beyond sending, the flexibility of our API means that you can synchronize updates to your contacts the way you’d like, receive events related to your emails such as opens and clicks in real-time to power other marketing automation workflows, parse inbound emails via a webhook and much more. Need help figuring out how to best integrate with our API? Mailjet will provide a dedicated API solutions engineer to help guide you through the optimal API configuration that is right for you.

Want to improve your deliverability and performance thanks to a dedicated Technical Account Manager?
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