1. Mailjet’s Geckoboard Widget: Actionable Metrics!


    We have participated in the launch of the Geckoboard Widget Editor. We have loved Geckoboard since the beginning and we’re very proud of this integration! Geckoboard makes it easy for businesses to see all of their key metrics on elegant, real-time, business dashboards.

    Mailjet’s widgets on Geckoboard 

    The Mailjet widgets enable our customers to display many key metrics, such as the email statuses: bounces, spam, opens, clicks etc. There’s even a map of click throughs! For a complete list of the Mailjet widgets available, check out the details - Mailjet Widgets on Geckoboard.
    To see some of the Mailjet Widgets in action check out this sample dashboard.  To test Mailjet on a Geckoboard dashboard, just create a test account (free for 30 days).

    From the developer’s perspective

    Geckoboard is a platform. Therefore, it’s very interesting to hear from the developer’s point of view. Jonathan Foucher is the one who worked on this integration, here’s his says about it: 

    Developing widgets for Geckboard is easy and flexible. This is how I developed several widgets for Mailjet in a few days.

    First of all you have to read the geckoboard docs to find out the format in which each widgets accepts its input. Then, you’re ready to get started. At Mailjet, we have a single function that returns most of the statistics for an account, and 3PW makes it really easy to adapt it in the format that each widget type expects.

    The widgets are made of only two files : a JSON manifest file that specifies some basic info about the widget and its author, and defines one (or several, I haven’t tried that personally) data sources. These are the url(s) of your API that provide the raw data. XML and JSON are accepted.

    The second file, widget.js, is a javascript file that takes your datasources(s) as the input and converts the data provided by your API to the format that the widget type expects. 

    Once you’ve played with it for a while, it is so obvious and intuitive that you start wanting to develop widgets for every API around!

    OK, I think you’ve got the message: we love Geckoboard and we love to deliver actionable metrics. Some other integrations are on our roadmap. To be continued!

  2. [News] The Widget to Create Opt-in Lists is here!


    Here’s another new feature you are going to love: In a few clicks, you can now create a registration  module for Mailjet mailing lists. This widget can be created and integrated wherever you want by pasting a simple HTML code that you generate.

    The basic look (but you can personalize it): 

    To ensure that your mailing lists are high-quality, the double opt-in process is directly integrated: once her/she is subscribed, the subscriber receives a confirmation email to click on (this is a good time to remind yourself of list building best practices). All is then synchronized with the Mailjet list that you are trying to add to.

    How do I do it?

    Log on to Mailjet and click on “My Account”

    In the Tools section, click on “Widget subscription,” then on “Create a Widget.”

    You will arrive at the following form that allows your to choose your basic parameters.

    You can then personalize the text of your widget.

    In the last step, you can also redefine the style of your widget.


    Finally, an HTML code is generated for you and all you have to do is paste it where you want the form to go :) 

    As you can see, everything remains as simple as possible. Don’t hesitate if you have questions or comments: we’re all ears!