1. Need To Explain Mailjet To Your Friends?


    I’ve just finished a nice presentation explaining briefly what we do and where our added-value is. Check it out! It is quite interesting :-) 

  2. Getting started with Mailjet is now simpler than ever, thanks to our new wizard ;)


    Here it is, simpler than ever.

    An intuitive wizard will now guide you through the basic configuration steps you have to complete when opening a Mailjet account.

    A completely configured account ends up with an improved deliverability, that’s why we thought it would be important to make these things simpler than ever.

    If you have any feedback or suggestion about this new feature, please: comment or tweet about it. Thanks in adance: you know how hard we try to keep on improving our product!

  3. Emails in Hotmail’s spam folder, the best way to avoid this!


    As we have seen, emails getting in Hotmail’s spam folder is a very sensitive problem. If Microsoft itself gets caught in the spam filter, you might think that there is nothing to do about it. But “no perfect solution” doesn’t mean that nothing can be done. On the contrary: it means that you should pay close attention to what you are doing. This way, you will avoid problems, most of the time.

    STEP 1: Your general strategy: always prefer quality over quantity
      We’ll never say it enough: stop thinking “volumes”, start thinking “relevant”. Send less and send better: segment your database. Remove the inactive contacts or treat them separately, this is a must. The contents that you send should be as personalized as possible (topics, layout, time of sending, etc.).

      STEP 2: To do things right, use the right tool: a Cloud Emailing solution that focuses on deliverability

      Mailjet does that and if our growth is so strong, that’s because we take care of a real problem that is hard to address on your own. Our rates are very low and you pay as you go: we did this because we believe that the service we offer is part of the basics needs. A Cloud Emailing solution that optimizes the sending for deliverability is no longer a nice to have, it is a must.

      Think about what implies the maintaining and finetuning of an email server for throttling, feedback loops, IP reputation monitoring, etc. It’s a full time job that requires a whole team who has a lot of knowledge and experience, period.
        STEP 3: Never give up and always make sure you do the basics
        If you have the right long term strategy and the right tool, at the end you also need to pay attention to the small details: nobody will be able to do it for you :)

        Avoid spammy words (viagra, dollars, etc.), of course. Don’t go for heavy emails of several megabytes. Make sure that your SPF and DKIM authentications are well configured. If you’re on dedicated IP, make sure that your sending is regular. 

        As a conclusion

        You got it: no miracle solution! So you might think: “ouch! that’s a lot of work!” and it’s true. But improved deliverability doesn’t happen like this: it will improve a lot your revenues but it will also necessitate a few efforts. These efforts would be overwhelming if you were on your own but if Mailjet is your emailing partner, it becomes much more easy for you :) 

      1. Prestashop Plugin: now available! And soon more to come…


        Lately, we have been working a lot on the development of plugins. A few of them should be released over the coming weeks. But the Prestashop plugin which we released today is quite special!
        Why is this Prestashop plugin special for Mailjet?

        Prestashop is an open-sourced eCommerce solution that is growing at a very fast pace: they’re now gathering more than 100,000 online shops worldwide! It is a great product relying on a strong and exceptional community.
        On our side, a lot of our clients are online retailers: the tool that we are offering actually fulfills all their needs, for a very reasonable price. Our open architecture does the rest and Mailjet serves as the perfect emailing tool for the Prestahop community!
        What does it actually mean?

        Well, it means that Mailjet and Prestashop really fit together: both of us are flexible, transparent, easy-to-integrate, etc. So you can expect some big news to come in the close future. Imagine something like a deeper integration unlocking the full power of email marketing…
        The plugin, as it is today: already great!

        Everytime we talked with online retailers using Prestashop, it was always the same: “we need a efficient emailing tool with reasonable fees!”.
        So as a first step the plugin will allow any Prestashop client to send emails from his own interface: just entering the Mailjet API and Secret key will make the plugin “ready to send”.
        If you’re a Prestashop client who does not have a Mailjet account yet: juste create one, it’s free and it can be done in a few clicks over here!
        Then, simply visit the dedicated Prestashop page!

        More news about plugins and Prestashop are coming soon, so keep in touch with us on Twitter!