1. Deliverability Alert: Your Whois Should Be Made Public


    If the Whois of your domain name is set to private/anonymous, you should act as soon as possible: you need to make it public. Otherwise, your deliverability may suffer drastically, if it isn’t already the case…

    What is a private Whois?

    Certain domain registrars propose to anonymize your Whois by making it “private.” This allows you to hide information about the entity or person holding a particular domain name. 

    By default, a Whois always gives information about the owner: the name of the person or organization who holds the domain, address, etc.

    Example: with the Whois, you can know that “mailjet.com” is held by “Mailjet SAS, 30 rue Blondel, 75010 Paris, etc.”

    Deliverability issues because of private Whois

    Our deliverability team noticed that domains with private/anonymous Whois information are more susceptible to suffer blocking and/or blacklisting. European and French ISPs are particularly affected. 

    Make your Whois public as soon as possible

    If your Whois is in private/anonymous mode, we encourage you to make it public ASAP.  If you are not yet affected, you will be soon. Note that ISPs can take up to 7 days to  take changes into account. It is thus necessary to act as quickly as possible.