1. Padiact Helps You To Get More Subscribers


    Here’s another great integration! We’re always very excited of these tools that harness the email channel in a smart way. 

    What is Padiact about? 

    Instead of aggressively asking all your visitors to subscribe to your email lists, ask only the visitors that are most likely to. 

    Padiact allows you to target visitors based on type (new visitors vs returning visitors), recency, referrers, time spent on site, number of products viewed or articles read.

    How to proceed? 

    Connecting PadiAct with Mailjet, couldn’t be easier. All you need is your Mailjet API keys:

    Once you have them, just select Mailjet as your email service provider inside PadiAct’s campaign settings and use them to connect to your account and retrieve your lists.

    Don’t forget to setup the targeting rules for the segment of your traffic that is most likely to generate leads. Then, just define a custom message for that segment of traffic to get them to offer you their contact details and you’re good to go.

    Your leads will fly in directly to your Mailjet account where all is left for you is to setup some juicy email campaigns for your targeted leads.

    Padiact is great: try it now!