1. Want to Hang Out With Us?


    Now that summer is officially upon us, it’s time to throw on the flip flops and shades and cool off at some tech events. The Mailjet team is gearing up to attend, hack and speak at various events in both Europe and the US.

    We’d love to get to know you guys so be sure to come say hi if you’re attending as well — or tweet at us — @mailjet!


    7/7 UberConf


    7/1 ParisRb.new

    7/2 HTML5 Meetup

    7/7 Meetup Elasticsearch France

    7/23 Paris New Tech


    7/21 - 7/27 EuroPython


    7/12-7/13 WordCamp

    7/19 Node Conf

    7/21 Brighton Ruby Conference


    7/14 Startup Institute (Presentation & Happy Hour)

    Let us know which of these events you’re most looking forward to or if there are other ones we should check out! We’ll be adding to the list throughout the summer. Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

  2. 10 Occasions To Meet Us By The End Of 2013



    We’re approaching the end of the year. Where should you go if you want to meet us by the end of 2013? This post gives you this info but it also answers the question: which cool tech events should you attend in Europe? 


    Nov 13-15 | Devoxx (Antwerp) #Attending
    "The Java Community Conference" 
    ☛ Meet with Orlando and Shubham.

    Nov 14-15 | XPDays Germany (Karlsruhe) #Attending
    "The Conference For Programmers From The Extreme" 
    ☛ Meet with Simon.

    Nov 22-23 | Sainté Mobile Days (Saint Étienne) #Attending
    "The Most Mobile Event in France" 
    ☛ Meet with Shubham.

    Nov 25-26 | Internet Days (Stockholm) #Attending
    "People Who Shape The Internet Will Meet" 
    ☛ Meet with Simon.

    Nov 30 | Hack The Bank (Paris) #Attending
    "A Great Financial Technology Hackathon By Open Bank Project" 
    ☛ Meet with Shubham.


    Dec 2 | Dot JS (Paris) #Attending
    "The Largest JavaScript Conference in Europe" 
    ☛ Meet with Shubham.

    Dec 4-5 | API Days (Paris) #Speaking
    "The Premier Conference On APIs, Cloud, Big Data in Paris" 
    ☛ Meet with ElieOrlando and Shubham.

    Dec 9-11 | Build Stuff (Vilnius) #Attending
    "For And By People Who Actually Build Stuff" 
    ☛ Meet with Simon.

    Dec 10-12 | SymfonyCon 2013 (Warsaw) #Attending
    "Share Your Experience With The Symfony Framework" 
    ☛ Meet with Shubham and Orlando.

    Dec 10-12 | LeWeb (Paris) #Attending
    "Where Revolutionaries Gather To Plot The Future" 
    ☛ Meet with Quentin, Stephen and Florian.

  3. Our European Tech Agenda For October: 10+ Awesome Events



    Our team is growing, which allows us to attend a wider range of events throughout Europe. We always try to make a great selection, making this recap useful for you in two ways: firstly, it’s a curated list and secondly, you will know where to meet us if you want to reach out (note that we are hiring!). 

    Our Agenda For October

    Oct 1-3 | BlendMix (Lyon) #Speaking
    "2 days of workshops, conferences and unique encounters with the web" 
    ☛ Meet with Thibaud.

    Oct 4-6 | Geeklist Hackathon (Paris) #Hacking
    "Global Hackathon for Social Good: Mobile" 
    ☛ Meet with Shubham
    Oct 8 | OVH Summit (Paris) #Attending
    "IT Event You Can’t Miss" 
    ☛ Meet with Julien

    Oct 10 | Leeaarn Deliverability Workshop (Paris) #Running
    "Everything You Need to Know About Email In 2013" 
    ☛ Meet with Me :-) 

    Oct 10-12 | Paris Web (Paris) #Speaking 
    "French Speaking Conference For Those Who Make The Web" 
    ☛ Meet with Florian

    Oct 12-13 | Geekettes Hackathon (Berlin) #Hacking
    "Berlin & Hamburg Geekettes have joined together to create a hackathon like no other."
    ☛ Meet with Simon and Maggie

    Oct 12-13 | Battle Hack (London) #Hacking
    "PayPal Battle Hack is a 10 City Hackathon series for devs to come test their skills and change the world." 
    ☛ Meet with Orlando

    Oct 18 | dotRB (Paris) #Attending
    "The largest Ruby conference in France"
    ☛ Meet with Shubham.

    Oct 19-20 | Angel Hack (Paris) #Hacking
    "The largest Mobile App Hackathon, ever."
    ☛ Meet with Shubham

    Oct 21 | TwilioCon (London) #Attending
    "TwilioCon brings the best of Twilio to Europe"
    ☛ Meet with Orlando

    Oct 22-23 | Hackfest (London)  #Hacking
    "Get Creative in The Development of Future TV App Concepts"
    ☛ Meet with Orlando (Developer Relations) 

    Oct 25 | Venture Village Deliverability Workshop (Berlin) #Running
    "Everything You Need to Know About Email In 2013"
    ☛ Meet with Me :-) 

    Oct 26-30 | TC Disrupt (Berlin) #Attending 
    "TechCrunch Disrupt is one of the most anticipated technology conferences of the year."
    ☛ Meet with SimonMaggie and Quentin

  4. The 3 Places to Be This Week: Lille, Berlin & Munich


    As it often happens, a short period of time condenses an impressive number of very nice events. The prize goes to Berlin, which culminates three startup competitions in only a few days. We can’t be everywhere at once, but nothing will stop us from trying!

    Take Off Conf in Lille, a developer’s conference

    This great event in English is taking place in north of France. This gathering is aimed at developers. There will be a lot of great names attending, so if you are part of this target audience, you should seriously consider coming. We will be there (we’re sponsors after all!). Don’t hesitate to send us a shout out on Twitter: @Mailjet or @Elie__

    Berlin, the 1000 awards city!

    It all starts on Tuesday the 15th with The Next Web Awards. The ceremony will take place in a location well known to Berlin clubbers: the Chalet. If you speak French, you should note that there is a French version of this event that you can nominate us for. ;)

    On Saturday the 18th, Hy Berlin begins, another competition that will welcome some prestigious guests. Among those present are the founders of YouTube, GigaOm, Reddit, CrunchFund, 500 Startups, etc. Obviously, we aren’t going to miss this one!

    And because when it rains, it pours: The Europas will take place on Tuesday the 22nd, sponsored by TechCrunch’s Mike Butcher. We will be there too (@qnickmans, @wiloo, & myself).

    The German version of Le Web in Munich

    The DLD - Digital Life Design is a huge event devoted to the digital ecosystem. If you are looking for Mailjet there, you will find us personified by Pierre-Simon, who knows us very well and will be representing us on this occasion. Don’t hesitate to reach out to him.

    We are available to meet with you!

    We have planned to meet the maximum number of people possible during our brief stay in the German capital: we are actually looking for a Dev Evangelist based in Berlin. If you are interested, or simply want to exchange a few words with us, feel free to send us a message via the above mentioned Twitter accounts.

    Have a good week and we hope to cross paths soon! (In any case, we are trying our best!)

  5. We’ve got a busy week : Structure Europe & Web Summit


    2 big tech events are taking place this week to keep us busy while we await the upcoming LeWeb ‘12 (careful, these are the last days to reserve your place at the reduced price!).

    The 16th and 17th of October, we will be at Structure Europe. This is one of the largest European events dedicated to the Cloud. Mailjet will take advantage of having a “startup” booth that will allow us to showcase our platform to a very tech/big data oriented audience. 

    Scheduling coincidence (or not), the Web Summit will take place the 17th and 18th of October. Part of our team will have to do quite a bit of travelling: Tuesday in Holland and Wednesday in Ireland!

    If you happen to be attending either of these events, don’t hesitate to let us know on Twitter. We would love to meet with you and exchange experiences; it’s always a pleasure!