1. Ready to Take Off? Perfect: Mailjet Is Hiring!


    Our team is continuing to grow. We are looking for a Customer Support Agent to begin as soon as possible.

    I may not be objective, because I already work for Mailjet, but in any case, I have never regretted joining this startup. Brillant people all around you, strong growth, and a good product…. In short, excellent prospects and a high-quality environment.

    If you’re not interested for yourself, consider sharing/tweeting this info among your friends: if the right person is among them, you will probably make someone very happy!

  2. You asked for it! There you go!


    We’re very proud to announce you the launch of the Newsletter tool! This new functionality has often been asked for and from our view, it also has a lot of importance: with this new tool, our product matches our simplicity and efficiency ideal.

    Mailjet is now the tool we imagined, i.e. a complete solution to manage your emails and their deliverability. You still have the possibility to send your transactional emails by modifying your server parameters, but you’re now also able (and that’s new!) to create your campaigns directly on our website, by using a powerful tool combined with a simple interface.

    With no HTML knowledge and in a few seconds, you’re going to be able to conceive stylish emails with a simple interface and customization parameters allowing you to stick to your graphics standards. No coding, you just add an image, a text, a title or a button by moving each element with a drag and drop feature. At any moment, you can visualize the final result.

    We took the advantage of the deployment of this new tool to modify and simplify the interface. You should not have much trouble in finding your way around.

    We are very proud of this new version and we hope you will be as happy as us about it! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question or complaint!

    (Source: mailjet.com)