1. Mailjet’s Geckoboard Widget: Actionable Metrics!


    We have participated in the launch of the Geckoboard Widget Editor. We have loved Geckoboard since the beginning and we’re very proud of this integration! Geckoboard makes it easy for businesses to see all of their key metrics on elegant, real-time, business dashboards.

    Mailjet’s widgets on Geckoboard 

    The Mailjet widgets enable our customers to display many key metrics, such as the email statuses: bounces, spam, opens, clicks etc. There’s even a map of click throughs! For a complete list of the Mailjet widgets available, check out the details - Mailjet Widgets on Geckoboard.
    To see some of the Mailjet Widgets in action check out this sample dashboard.  To test Mailjet on a Geckoboard dashboard, just create a test account (free for 30 days).

    From the developer’s perspective

    Geckoboard is a platform. Therefore, it’s very interesting to hear from the developer’s point of view. Jonathan Foucher is the one who worked on this integration, here’s his says about it: 

    Developing widgets for Geckboard is easy and flexible. This is how I developed several widgets for Mailjet in a few days.

    First of all you have to read the geckoboard docs to find out the format in which each widgets accepts its input. Then, you’re ready to get started. At Mailjet, we have a single function that returns most of the statistics for an account, and 3PW makes it really easy to adapt it in the format that each widget type expects.

    The widgets are made of only two files : a JSON manifest file that specifies some basic info about the widget and its author, and defines one (or several, I haven’t tried that personally) data sources. These are the url(s) of your API that provide the raw data. XML and JSON are accepted.

    The second file, widget.js, is a javascript file that takes your datasources(s) as the input and converts the data provided by your API to the format that the widget type expects. 

    Once you’ve played with it for a while, it is so obvious and intuitive that you start wanting to develop widgets for every API around!

    OK, I think you’ve got the message: we love Geckoboard and we love to deliver actionable metrics. Some other integrations are on our roadmap. To be continued!

  2. You maybe knew “Google Analytics”, now here’s “Mailjet Analytics” ;)


    Yesterday we launched a new pricing that makes us very very competitive. Today, we’re launching our new statistics! This new feature is absolutely unique and we actually believe that you won’t be able to find anything better… 

    We wanted a simple tool with a huge potential

    If you’re a regular reader of our blog you know that the simplicity is at the core of our product. We don’t think that user friendliness only is a buzzword!

    But being easy to use doesn’t mean you end up enjoying only basic functions. In fact we felt like: “Damn people seem so happy with Google Analytics! They can track everything about their websites, how come they can’t do that with their emails? It’s so sad” And this is how this “Mailjet Analytics” thing came up ;)

    Our new stats are offering a lot of possibilities! You’re going to able to improve and optimize your sending like you never did never before. We don’t mean to boast but really: especially if you’re considering our pricing at the same time, you will notice that you will not get such a fine tool anywhere else.

    What our new statistics looks like: the dashboard

    As you can see: you get a crystal clear overview as well as the ability to filter the results in one click:

    A- All domains & Sender adresses: you will now be able to see the statistics of any particular domain or sender adress;
    B- Types of emails:
    choose if you want to see all your emails, just your marketing emails or just your transactional emails;
    C- Check the boxes
    of the email statuses you want to analyze;
    D- Real time graph:
    see what’s happening live!
    E- Choose the time period as well as the time scale you want to work on.
    F- Recap block
    of all the KPIs

    Plunge deeper into your analytics

    Here are a few screenshots along with short comments. However, remember that the best way to discover our tool is to log in to your account and start playing and clicking around :)

    This menu lets you click on 5 tabs to dig further in your analytics. In each tab you can sort and filter the data as you wish. A download button is always available so you can export all the data you need to segment, optimize and maintain your lists.  

    Tab 1 - See the stats of any email you sent: find out its status, its quality score, sort & filter as you wish: queued / bounced / opened / clicked / etc.

    Tab 2 - Get precise and deep open analytics: find out who opened your email, with which email client, how many times the email was opened, how long did it take for the recipient to click on a link, etc. This section is very rich, the marketing applications are countless.

    Tab 3 -  Click analytics: find out who clicked, what were the most clicked link, how long did it take for the recipient to click, which browser was used to access the site, etc.

    Tab 4 - The map: we thought it would be fun and very useful to see where your emails get read  :) This is of course a must if you’re working on an international scale.

    Tab 5 - The Domain list is another very powerful thing: it let’s you browse your analytics by ISPs. In a few clicks, you’ll be able to find out where a problem comes from!

    Of course, all these options are quickly going to be made available via the API. We always aim to provide a full integration to the clients who wish to fully leverage Mailjet by incorporating it to their own tools.

    If you’ve been a customer for a little time, let’s say a few months, you certainly noticed that our product is evolving at a very fast pace. In other words: don’t worry, our dev team is not going to lay back in the sun and stop working. More than ever, they’re going to look for new ways to provide you valuable and detailed insight that will help you in your email marketing strategy!