1. Two years already, and the best is still to come!


    The month of August is traditionally very calm. It is as we approach September that things begin to start up again. For Mailjet during this period, there was a time when things were just getting started for the first time…

    Mailjet celebrates its two year anniversary!

    If the service was officially launched in February 2011, the first lines of code were written in the summer of 2010. Our founder, Julien Tartarin had quit his job to devote himself full-time to the Mailjet project. The rest of the team took their nights and weekends to work on it. Then, little by little, the number of collaborators grew, along with the number of users!

    This is a big thank you to all of our users, to those who are joining us now and to those who turned to us in the beginning of this great adventure.

    Where are we now?

    We are pretty  proud of our presence in France: people are really starting to get to know us! In the other countries, word of mouth is spreading too… overseas, certainly, but also in Europe: Great Britain, Spain…and Germany.

    Preparing the next step: The Berlin Escapade!

    A part of our team just returned from Berlin. For the past decade or so, the German capital has been buzzing with life by attracting young Europeans in search of exciting art, music, and nightlife. Today, Berlin is also a center of entrepreneurship: hundreds of startups have been created there in the past few years. Its combination of a dynamic ecosystem and minimal costs has spread across and benefited all of Europe.

    The cost of living in Berlin is not that high, so you can get started rather inexpensively. Clearly, Mailjet has an opportunity to take here: so much is happening! At least, that’s what we found at the different events we attended last week.

    As anniversaries are also an occasion to look toward the future, here is a quick report: displayed in images!

    Campus Party Europe & Tech Open Air Berlin

    These two events also occurred while we were there, in true Berlin-style: one at Tempelhof, an iconic former airport, and the other in a space usually used as a nightclub. The result? Something you wouldn’t see anywhere else in the world.

    Tens of thousands of developers crammed themselves into tents in a gigantic hangar. 

    The result was quite impressive. You can find all of the photos on the event’s Facebook page.

    The next day was devoted to Tech Open Air…and we still had the feeling that we were in an offbeat location.

    The entire ecosystem of Berlin startups was there…The next day, a series of satellite events continued to amaze us, like our breakfast on the top floor of the Axel Springer tower.

    Seeing the liveliness and energy of this ecosystem, it is clear that much remains to be done: thousands of opportunities have emerged for us. Two years is short indeed, but this is just the beginning, given all that’s left for us to do!