1. Share Your Newsletters On Social Media


    Here’s a new little feature that’s worth mentioning. You could already integrate traditional Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ buttons in your newsletter. But now, if you are using one of our premium plans, you can also activate a sharing bar for the online version of your newsletter.

    Why a social sharing bar?

    Your newsletter is a publication like any other. Unless your content is confidential, it’s worth it to share your newsletters on social networks. The bar enables this best practice.

    How does the sharing bar work?

    Once you are in Mailjet’s Newsletter WYSIWYG editor, go to the “Default Styles” and click on “Header.” Then simply select the “Share bar” box.

    The result

    The online version of your Newsletter (permalink) will integrate a sharing bar.

    Each button opens a sharing window. The avatar of your newsletter is generated automatically.


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