1. Managing Email Priorities [New feature]


    Several Mailjet clients have already had the chance to test this new feature, and as it works well, we decided now is the time to officially announce it!

    As you know, there are different types of email: transactional, notification, and marketing. A business or application should always manage all types of email at the same time.

    Nevertheless, each type of email has unique time constraints. For example, an email containing an account activation link should arrive within a few seconds, whereas for a newsletter, the delay does not necessarily have to be so short.

    Now, senders can manage several types of email by rating them with up to four priority levels. A priority rating can be implemented in the email headers. This opens up a host of possibilities, but it is also a tool that needs to be handled with care.

    A page dedicated to managing email priorities will give you all the information you need.

    Enjoy :)

    This email priority management feature is part of Mailjet’s proprietary technology. To our knowledge, we are the only email service provider to offer it (and if this isn’t the case, we are interested to know who else does!). Expect more innovations like this to follow. In the meantime, happy sending!