1. New Newsletter Tool: more options, more flexibility!


    Back in September when we launched our awesome new analytics, we warned you that we would never stop to innovate, right? So here it is: we’re now deploying a new version of our Newsletter Tool. Yep, the life of our customers is always getting easier and easier ;)

    A lot of these new features have been developed because of our clients asking for them. So don’t hesitate to connect on Twitter or to visit our user feedback forum. We actually believe that the best way to conceive a great product is to design it as the people want it to be!

    So concretely, what are the new functions of the Newsletter tool?

    1- A new WYSIWYG Editor with more features  

    You’ll be able to format the contents word by word rather by block by block, as it was the case before. These format elements include the color, the font, the character size, the bullet list, the Word import option, etc.

    2- 3 different ways to display the footer

    The footer was always the same by default but now you’ll be able to choose between 3 dispositions, as illustrated here above. 

    3- Possibility to add an image you host on your own

    You will no longer have to upload the images that you want to integrate in your Newsletters. If you prefer to provide a link, simply do it!

    4- Social media share buttons!

    There are two ways to use them. You can either enter a link pointing to your social media page, or you can check the box “Share permalink”: this will allow the recipient to share in one click the content of the email, on its own social network. That’s a great change as we felt it was very important that our customers can leverage Social Media.

    5- Previsualize your Newsletter directly from the Campaigns tab

    This will make things much more easier: you will be able to see what a sent campaign looks like without having to edit a duplicate!

    6- Integrate a permalink on top of your Newsletter and personalize its display

    The is very useful if you want to offer an online version of your Newsletter (to optimize the display of the layout for example). Of course, you’re able to choose its displaying options.

    7- In our Import HTML feature, you will now be able to modify the text-only version

    Before, the text-only version was produced by default. Now, you will be able to modify it and choose how you want it to appear.

    We also corrected the problem that was preventing the re-sized images to keep their original definition. It’s not listed in the evolutions as this was something we had to address!

    As you can see, that’s a lot of awesome changes! We think that Mailjet is already great but we really working on making perfect: to be continued!


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