1. Mailjet’s new pricing: even more cheap!


    You may have heard a few rumours on Twitter but it’s now official: Mailjet is releasing a brand new pricing! As you’re going to realise, we might be offering the best value on the emailing market…
    A new pricing to change the ESP game!

    We have worked a lot on this strategy and we believe it will be a decisive move. Along with all the competitive advantages that our product already has, being cheaper is something that will allow us to get a lot of people switching to our solution.They will actually have to realize that on the mid and long term, staying where they are won’t benefit them.

    Delivering great performance and being cheaper at the same time? Yes sir!

    There are 3 reasons that allow us to be better and cheaper at the same time:

    1- Our whole system is built to fully leverage the cloud power. Mailjet’s model allows us to maximize the efficiency of the power we need to buy. We can therefore obtain the same results with less money.

    2- Our model doesn’t integrate the need of big sales teams: we work on partnerships and word of mouth. This saves us a lot of time and money. All this can then be invested in our R&D. Our main battlefield is the technology, not the market place.

    3- We’re a start-up: all our team never stops striving for efficiency and our work organization allows us to have a really impressive productivity. We’re caught in the course of action and when something needs to be done… it gets done very quickly. No bureaucracy, no lost energy, etc. That’s a lot of money saved and that’s a lot of money you don’t have to spend.

    Even more to come…

    Having the best rates is not enough for us: we’re already working on how we’re going to offer you more flexibility. A new statistics module also is on its way: as our prices go down, our product gets more sophisticated!

    As you can see, we’re really trying to design the product you could have dreamed of! Stay tuned, subscribe to our RSS and follow us on Twitter @Mailjet


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